Every e-commerce website owner dreams of ranking on the first page of search engines results. Appearing on the first page of Google comes with many benefits. Most people hardly go to the second page of Google, and that means more people will be clicking on your URL. The more people that click on your URL, the more conversions you might have. Happily, SEO can help you achieve that milestone if you put more effort and resources into it.

To start on the right foot forward, consider hiring an SEO expert or SEO company to optimize your e-commerce website. These professionals have the necessary experience and expertise in the latest SEO trends to enable your e-commerce website get to the top quickly by providing you the necessary e-commerce solutions for your website. Even as you go on a research spree to find the best SEO expert to optimize your e-commerce store, you need to know the latest trends in SEO that are working and those that do not. This column talks about the latest SEO trends you need to implement to increase your e-commerce website’s traffic twofold:

1)  Mobile optimization is one of the newest trends in SEO to implement in your e-commerce websites

The growth of mobile devices has been phenomenal over the past few years. In fact, about 60% of internet searchers use their mobile devices to source products and services online. This growth in mobile use prompted Google to change its algorithm from desktop to mobile first. That means if your website is not optimized for mobile, you’ll lose a ton of traffic and sales each day. This is the reason why you need to ensure your e-commerce website is optimized for mobile before you launch it. Essentially, everything on your e-commerce website, including colors, graphics, fonts, images, and videos, should be mobile-friendly. Ensuring your web pages are mobile-friendly will increase your web traffic twofold.

2)  Videos are becoming an important part of e-commerce platforms’ SEO strategies

If you’re a fanatic internet searcher, you must have realized that YouTube videos come up in your search results. This is because people are increasingly drifting towards visual content. They would rather watch a video than reading blocks of text. Plus, the fact that Google owns YouTube means the videos are given priority over other videos in search rankings. If you can produce top-quality, informative and engaging videos, your e-commerce website can benefit from high Google rankings. All you need to do is optimize your YouTube video, and they will boost your Google rankings. You can optimize your YouTube videos by using tags and titles or closed-captioning. This makes it easier for anyone searching for your keywords to easily find your videos.

E-commerce platforms’ SEO strategies

3)  Using the Google voice search or search by voice function on your e-commerce platforms

Google voice search is an innovative technology from Google that lets you search items online using the Google search by speaking on a computer or a mobile. Because the population is getting lazier each day, many people are using this technique to search for products and services online. People who like to multitask also use this technology a lot. It’s effortless to voice search than to type out text in the Google search box. You can leverage this technology to boost your traffic. Just ensure that the keywords you use are searchable.

4)  Use mobile apps to increase your e-commerce website traffic

Mobile apps are taking over the online space. In fact, 2500 apps are developed every minute. These apps make online search easier, no wonder people are drifting towards apps as opposed to websites. You can buy or develop an app and link your e-commerce store to it to increase your site’s traffic.


Any e-commerce owner who’s looking to make explosive sales cannot do that without SEO. Buy e-commerce websites templates that are SEO friendly to implement on your e-commerce store or higher an SEO company to build an SEO-friendly e-commerce platform.


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